Welcome to Industrial Solutions Inc.

Industrial Solutions is a medium-sized specialty chemical company specializing in a service-intensive approach to water treatment for cooling towers and boiler systems. While other companies are currently moving to employ less educated tech reps and unreliable automation, our company still believes personal, professional, on-site service will produce the best results.

We are a full service water treatment company specializing in:

  -Cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitors, and microbiocides
  -Boiler water scale and corrosion inhibitors
  -Hot water boilers and hot loops
  -Chilled water loops
  -Controllers, pumps and equipment

awt.pngOur full service representatives have degrees in related specialties such as Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering and graduate level training in Nuclear Engineering.

No other water treatment company has the will or the ability to give you a level of service similar to Industrial Solutions.